Bulling and unkindness; We just completed another successful Grand Chapter, and I was disappointed to have several  reports of bad behavior directed at several members during this Grand Chapter. However, it’s not just happening at Grand Chapter. Some of the many ways that unkindness seems to be growing are;  members being shamed for their clothing, memory work, not being able to stand for long periods of time due to a disability, gossiping, a sign being given wrong, or people making open unkind remarks thinking they’re cute, when they are mean spirited. The list goes on. This not only hurts our Order, sometimes it can leave permanent damage to the person or person’s that it’s directed too. Bullying and harassment is the number 1 reason for membership loss in all organizations, job/employee absenteeism, children having problems in school and this list goes onand on. All it takes is 1 person and it can start a brush fire. As it makes its way through the membership the remarks or actions take on a life of their own – bigger and more negative. No one is a walking expert when it comes to our instruction; no one is entitled to any more courtesy or respect than any other member. Good manners, compassion, and kindness are the basics of how we should conduct ourselves anytime, and anywhere. We have lost countless members, and unfortunately some of them have had no problem telling their friends, family, or co-workers about what a “disgraceful” organization we are. Each of us knelt at a chapter altar and took the same obligation We promised faithful obedience underpenalty of suspension or expulsion. We promised that we would give to our Sisters and Brothers, advice in their troubles, sympathy in their sorrows, and aid in their misfortunes, that we would not speak evil of a Sister or Brother, orperform any acts of injustice or unkindness toward them.  I request that we all THINK – t; is it true, h; is it helpful, I; is it inspiring, n; is it necessary, k; is it kind?I know that there is a lot of love and kindness that is shown among our membership and I feel very fortunate to personally experience it every time I travelor go to chapter. It is what keeps me “keepin on”. Words – the words we speak can change a life, including our own – we choose!God Bless and keep each and every one of you.